Maria Butina’s boyfriend Paul Erickson has just been arrested in the Trump Russia scandal

Everybody is hanging tight to check whether Special Counsel Robert Mueller captures Donald Trump Jr next, and the SDNY is forcefully making moves against apparently everybody in Donald Trump’s circle. Indeed, even as this plays out, the U.S. Lawyer’s office for South Dakota out of every other place on earth just got in on the Trump-Russia outrage activity, capturing Paul Erickson. This is really a major ordeal.

Paul Erickson is best known as the sweetheart of admitted Russian covert operative Maria Butina. Erickson is additionally a Republican Party agent with profound connections to the gathering. Different media reports have attested that Erickson was knee-somewhere down in working with the Kremlin around the season of the 2016 decision.

For the time being, the Feds in South Dakota have simply prosecuted Erickson in an extortion plot in which he purportedly defrauded individuals in wheelchairs by promising them counterfeit toilets, and he professed to assemble a bundle of homes in adjacent North Dakota, as per the Daily Beast. None of this has anything to do with Trump-Russia, obviously, however it doesn’t need to. These are the sorts of lawful offenses that normally result in nearly quick and simple feelings.

Paul Erickson is arguing not liable, however he’ll presumably before long make sense of that he’s probable made a beeline for jail on these charges. Regardless of whether he wants to beat the Trump-Russia charges he’s going to finish up confronting, he’s as yet going down. On the off chance that and when he cuts a supplication bargain, he’ll just have the capacity to pick up investigators’ support by moving out his associates, regardless of whether that be alternate Republicans who were working with the Kremlin, or his Republican buddies who have carried out different wrongdoings. At the end of the day, this is horrible news for the GOP.

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