President Donald Trump, Saudi Arabia, and the murder of Jeff Bezos’ worker Jamal Khashoggi

Twenty-four hours after the stunner disclosure that National Enquirer supervisor David Pecker was attempting to coerce Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, likely on Donald Trump’s benefit, and that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia had all the earmarks of being included the whole time, we’re all as yet endeavoring to put these new pieces in the correct setting. One key detail continues bouncing out: Jamal Khashoggi worked for Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos doesn’t simply run Amazon, he additionally possesses the Washington Post. Jamal Khashoggi was a columnist for the Washington Post at the time the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia had him mercilessly killed. Presently we’re discovering that, even as Saudi Arabia was having one of Bezos’ correspondents killed, Saudi Arabia was additionally evidently working with Trump and Pecker in a coercion conspire against Bezos. What are the chances this is a happenstance?

Various real papers and magazines have uncovered Donald Trump’s outrages and given him negative inclusion. He’s lashed out at all of them on Twitter. In any case, for what reason did he choose to just motivate associated with endeavoring to demolish the life of the proprietor of the Washington Post, and not the proprietors of alternate news outlets? Has Trump been focusing on Bezos from the start since his manikin experts Saudi Arabia instructed him to, as a component of their grudge against Bezos’ worker Khashoggi?

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